Why Honda is America’s Most Reliable Brand

July 18th, 2015 by

2013 Honda Civic Si SedanFinding a reliable vehicle is high on the list of most, if not all, consumers. Less time spent at the mechanic’s garage means more money that stays in your wallet. People who wish to make a wise car choice often stop in at their local Honda dealer to peruse vehicles that are both within their price range and famously dependable. There are several important reasons that Honda comes in at the top of the reliable brand list.

* Honda broke off from another company to become independent in 1960. Since this time, the automotive company has been meeting logistical and technical challenges to set itself apart as a leader in this industry.

* The Civic was born in 1973 in response to the worldwide oil crisis. Since this time, this model has fine-tuned its fuel efficiency to stay at the top in this category.

* Japanese manufacturers consistently deliver reliable and dependable vehicles to consumers. Consumer Reports places both the Accord and the Civic on its list of the best used cars from Honda dealers.

* The 2012 Civic placed first for the most reliable compact car, according to CarMD.

* CarMD found Honda to be the automobile with the least check-engine repair incidents.

* The annual ALG Residual Value Awards gave recognition to Honda for the Odyssey, the Fit, and the CR-V as high-ranking vehicles within each of their individual categories.

When fuel economy, resale value, reliability, and easy maintenance appeal to a consumer, buying a Honda is a logical and practical decision. Why risk it when you can go with what is known to be the best? Visit your local Honda dealer today!

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