Why American Drivers Put Trust in Honda Vehicles

October 26th, 2015 by

2015 Honda Accord CoupeDriving has been an important part of the U.S. economy and culture for well over a century now. In that time, countless carmakers have come and gone. Few of them have had as big of an impact as Honda. The first of the Japanese automakers to build cars in America, Honda is arguably the most respected car seller in North America. Here’s why.

Customer Loyalty

For the third consecutive year, Honda walked away with the coveted title of Best Overall Brand at Kelley Blue Book’s 2015 Brand Image Awards. The automaker also took home the trophy for the year’s Best Value Brand. It’s no wonder Honda owners are among the most brand loyal drivers in America. Not only are they more likely to buy the brand again, but they’re also more likely to recommend it to their friends.

Greater Reliability

Honda has set the industry standard when it comes to hard-working vehicles that never seem to quit. Their engines are famous for their longevity because they are built to perform well in almost any environment. When properly maintained, they can run for hundreds of thousands of miles. Because Americans are among the world’s most dedicated drivers, dependable service is a big selling point. It is also important to note that U.S. drivers are hanging onto their cars longer than ever, with the age of the average vehicle at a record-high of 11.5 years!

Fuel Efficiency/Emissions

Honda vehicles consistently rank well above the industry average for fuel economy. Their most popular models, the Civic and Accord, go much further on a tank of gas than most of the cars in their class. It is also a fact that Honda engines meet all of the new, more stringent CARB emission standards. Moreover, the company is committed to lowering its already enviable emission requirements in the future.

Superior Service & Support

Wherever you are in the country, odds are a Honda dealership is nearby. The company has a vast network of providers ready to serve you nationwide. Whether you are in need of a replacement part or a simple tune-up, they can lend a helping hand.

For all these reasons and more, drivers have made Honda one of the world’s most trusted brands.

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