How To Avoid Speeding Tickets

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Speeding Tickets

Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

The bags are packed, the kids are in the car, and now there’s nothing but you and the open road. Nothing, that is, except for your lead foot, and the cherries-and-berries suddenly flickering in your rearview. Trying your best to avoid swearing as you reach for your registration, your mind inevitably wanders to the steps that led you to this point. Why was I in such a hurry? Was I really going all that fast? And what could I have done to avoid getting this ticket? Luckily, your friends from Honda of Toms River are here with the answers; here are some tips to avoid speeding tickets.

Stay Within the Traffic Flow.
Many urban areas have a flow of traffic that is substantially faster than the posted limits. (Have you ever driven in Atlanta? Yeesh.) And, as long as you are near the speed of everyone around you, you’ll generally be okay. Law enforcement generally keeps their eyes open for those travelling noticeably faster than everyone else

Surround Yourself with Speeders. This builds off of the previous point. If you are within a pack that is travelling above the speed limit, don’t be at the head or the rear of the group. Police officers will be more likely to tag those at the front and rear than those in the middle of the pack.

Don’t Drive Like a Jerk. This is a good rule for general life as well, but as it applies to traffic tickets, it means this: don’t change lanes frequently, don’t ride the tailgates of other drivers, and generally don’t drive aggressively. This behavior suggests to law enforcement that you always drive this way, and are deserving of the inconvenience provided by a ticket.

Be Aware of Hiding Spots. Have you ever played paintball, and you kept getting hit but had no idea where the shots were coming from? Like, someone just knew where all the sniper spots were? The same applies to cops. They know where they can see while remaining unseen. So look out for blind approaches and cutouts, because these are the honeynectar of the enterprising traffic cop.

Beware the Allure of the Solitary Dragstrip. We’ve all been on a lonely road late at night and thought, “Let’s see what this baby will do.” Resist the urge. Cops frequently sit out on these roads, and let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot to do out there but see how fast people are going. Don’t fall into this oh-so-tempting trap.

We hope you can avoid the side of the road this summer, either for speeding tickets or for automotive issues. On behalf of all of us atHonda of Toms River, we want to wish everyone in the area safe travels in the months to come!

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