What Is Honda Eco Boost? Use Eco Boost to Maximize Fuel Efficiency

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Honda Eco Assist System

Honda Eco Assist™ System

During travel, managing and optimizing fuel economy generally comes down to two interrelated factors–one, driving a car with a solid fuel efficiency, and two, using methods to maximize your fuel efficiency while you drive it. It really isn’t rocket science. Honda, however, has created a way to combine these two factors into one, by way of its innovative “Eco Assist™” mode. But what is it, how does it work, and when should it be used? Learn about the details of Honda’s Eco Assist™ mode to see how it affects your Brick-area Honda gas mileage in this guide from Honda of Toms River.

What is Eco Assist™, anyway?

What does eco mean in a car? Does eco save gas? Simply put, “eco” is short for ecological, and is used as a synonym for fuel efficiency. Eco Assist™–or “Ecological Drive Assist System,” if you wanna be picky–is Honda’s way of providing feedback and assistance in employing fuel-friendly driving habits. Practices such as smooth acceleration and gradual deceleration help to conserve fuel, and by using Honda’s Eco Assist™ System, drivers can better understand how their driving habits are affecting their fuel economy.

How does Eco Assist™ work?

So, how does eco drive work? Honda’s Eco Assist™ uses two methods to maximize fuel efficiency and thereby your Honda gas mileage. First, Honda vehicles equipped with Eco Assist™ provide real-time feedback to the driver to reflect fuel efficiency in action, generally by using a color-changing play surrounding the speedometer. Driving using good fuel-saving habits, such as those mentioned above, will make the indicator lights glow green, while aggressive driving and less fuel-friendly driving makes the display glow in a blue color. Meanwhile, the available “ECON” button, when pushed, helps to regulate efficient driving practices by optimizing certain driving components to save fuel. The throttle is tuned to be less aggressive, and the air conditioner will recirculate more air or lessen the speed of the vehicle’s climate control.

When should Eco Assist™ be used?

In vehicles equipped with Eco Assist™, the color-changing speedometer lights will operate at all times. However, the “ECON” button is best employed during driving conditions that typically feature less aggressive driving, such as during a daily commute or longer distance driving. During stop-and-start driving, meanwhile, the “ECON” button will be distinctly less useful, as these aren’t the ideal conditions for its use. Does eco save gas? It absolutely can help promote more efficient driving habits, which in turn will cut down on the frequency of visits to your local Manahawkin and Berkeley gas station.

See Eco Assist™ in Action at Honda of Toms River

The Eco Assist™ function is currently available on a variety of new Honda vehicles, including the Civic, CR-V and Accord. For any additional information regarding the many ways that Honda is helping to maximize fuel economy and improve your Honda gas mileage, contact us online, or better yet, stop by and see us at Honda of Toms River today!

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