The Ways Your Car Communicates Engine and Other Issues

August 8th, 2015 by

Service engine soon light on dashboardA car will typically give its driver a hint that it’s having problems before they become serious. The savvy consumer monitors a vehicle carefully to notice any small changes. An eye on performance and maintenance often enables owners to avoid serious issues. The Honda service center at Honda of Toms River will also help owners resolve problems.

Dashboard Lights

Lights on the console will show potential issues to drivers. Some lights are minor and inconsequential while others indicate serious problems. The “check engine” or “oil pressure low” lights require immediate action on the part of the driver. It’s possible that a check engine light is indicating just a minor issue. However, this light may also show a major problem that needs immediate attention.

Jerky Movements

If driving suddenly becomes jerky and spasmodic, a number of issues could be occurring. Spark plugs, clogged fuel lines, a clogged fuel filter, or computer problems could be the root of these symptoms. Any time driving is interrupted by a problem with proper acceleration, there may be an engine issue at play.

Unexpected Noises

Piston damage can be occurring if a driver hears knocking or popping sounds. Grinding sounds at start-up might involve issues with the starter. Consider seeking assistance with the Honda service department at Honda of Toms River to diagnose unexpected sounds.

Unpleasant Odors

Vehicles have enclosed systems designed to keep fluids in place. If a leak occurs in a system, an unpleasant odor could emit. If exhaust gases enter the auto’s interior, this can be a dangerous situation. A burning smell could be a sign of damaged belts in the engine.


Blue smoke emitting from the tailpipe indicates oil is burning along with fuel. White smoke could be a sign of antifreeze or water mixing with fuel. Smoke in the engine area is a universal sign of overheating. If this occurs, drivers should turn the car off immediately.

Keeping an eye on vehicle performance is an important part of maintenance. A Honda service mechanic at Honda of Toms River can help diagnose and resolve virtually any type of engine problem. By seeking assistance at the first hint of a problem, the cost of the repairs may be less.

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