Plan the Best Summer Road Trip

July 18th, 2015 by

field of summer flowers and blue skyIn 2012, about 79 percent of American leisure trips involved driving. Families yearning for adventure need look no further than the open roads of America. Whether drivers choose interstate thoroughfares or back road jaunts, a summer road trip can be an ideal way to bring everyone together for a memorable vacation. After perusing car dealers to find the perfect vehicle, it may be time to hit the road.

Choose Your Route

The route is a crucial part of the entire vacation, so families should choose it carefully. It may help to focus on a geographic region to cover before choosing a route. Listing states to be included in the itinerary is another helpful planning method. Consider travel style, as well. Some people prefer the speed and relative safety of the interstate. Others yearn for the quiet solitude of lesser-traveled back roads and country highways as a way of creating an unpredictable adventure.

Two planning strategies exist as viable traveling options. The first is to plot the entire route electronically with maps and GPS devices. Car dealers can help with the details. This option has its advantages. The driver can plan for mileage, gas expenditures, and hotel stays. The other option involves a more laid-back approach without specific plans. The latter option may appeal to a family that wants to wander and explore more freely.

Plan For Points of Interest

Consult with a map to determine your anticipated destinations. Amusement parks, national parks, visiting extended family and friends, historical sites, and landmarks are examples of places that families may wish to add to their itinerary. Depending on the participants, it may be difficult to plan points of interest that appeal to everyone. In this case, add a variety of stops that will entertain and engage the majority of the travelers. Determine the length of time spent at each point of interest, as well.

Prepare the Vehicle

After planning the trip, it is time to prepare the vehicle. Car dealers can be helpful with this process, offering a variety of inspections and maintenance. Drivers with car warranties may be able to receive some of these services at no cost or at a discount.

Make magical memories with a summer road trip that the family will not soon forget.

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