Live Long and Prosper: Tips to Extend Engine Life

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Tips to Extend Engine Life

As with anything you might purchase, whether it’s electronics, a home or a new set of dentures, possessions only tend to last as long as they are well taken care of. This is obviously true of automobiles as well, and even though the lineup of vehicles at Honda of Toms River is among the finest available anywhere, there are still ways to extend your engine’s life. Follow these driving tips from Honda of Toms River to get the most out of your engine.

Break your new engine in slowly. When a new car heads off the line, many of the parts still need to get acclimated to rigorous performance. Piston rings in particular still need to get worked into shape. For the first 1,000 miles or so, let your vehicle feel the full breadth of its capability, staying under 75 mph if you’re able. This will allow your vehicle to progress to full power naturally.

Let your vehicle warm up properly in cold weather. Not surprisingly, extreme weather conditions can be hell on your engine. In extreme cold, oil loses its viscosity and gas burns much less effectively. Thus, letting your engine warm up prior to travel is an absolute must.

Don’t overextend your engine. Although the impulse is strong to push your engine to the limits, the effect of driving at high rpms and high speeds eventually produces adverse effects. Driving at consistent moderate speeds requires far less overextension and don’t require as much stress on moving engine parts.

Don’t carry heavy loads. Sure, some cars are engineered with a specific goal in mind toward towing and hauling. Most, however, are intended to endure far less stress on its moving parts. Only hauling when needed and removing unnecessary weight from inside the vehicle will eliminate much of this stress, extending the life of your engine.

While Honda vehicles have been long celebrated for their dependability, doing your part will help to make this life a long and happy one. For any additional insight on this issue, pay us a visit soon at Honda of Toms River!

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