How Do You Know If Your Brakes Are Going Out?

July 18th, 2014 by

Brake Service Toms River NJ

Brake ServiceFrequently, with our great attention to service at Honda of Toms River, drivers will ask for advice about how to make their vehicles perform to its highest level. Far less frequently, however, will a driver ask for attention to his or her brakes, which deserve every bit as much attention as the more ballyhooed vehicle systems. So, how would a driver know if their brakes needed attention? Here are three things to look for to identify if brake service is required.

Are Your Brakes Squealing? Are Your Brake Pads Thin? It’s relatively easy to visually check for wear on brake pads. First, look between the spokes on your wheels, where you will see a brake pad pressed up against a metal rotor. If you can see less than ¼-inch of the brake pad, it is probably time to have your brakes replaced. Additionally, most brake pads are equipped with an indicator that will squeal like crazy when brakes are worn thin. Lastly, if you begin to hear a grinding noise during braking, you could have worn the brakes down completely, signaling the need for new rotors as well as brake pads.

Does Your Brake Pad Feel Unresponsive? Possibly no vehicle malfunction is as terrifying as pressing a brake pedal and getting no response. If this occurs, you might be experiencing an air or fluid leak in your braking system. Look for fluids on the ground in the area where your vehicle is parked, and schedule brake service.

Do You Feel Your Car Vibrating or Pulling? If, as you are braking, your vehicle pulls heavily in one direction, this is likely the effect of uneven wearing in the brake pad or possibly an obstruction in the brake fluid. A vibration in braking, meanwhile, it may be the product of warped rotors, worn pads or shoes, or your calipers may be shot. The vibration must be checked immediately, as it often leads to hazardous driving situations.

If any of these issues have occurred during travel, visit Honda of Toms River to schedule your brake service. See you soon at Honda of Toms River!

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