How To Get the Best Gas Mileage

July 18th, 2015 by

Price of gasMaximizing fuel economy is about more than just paying less at the pump. The way the car is driven, how closely the Honda service schedule is followed, and even the weight of the items in the trunk can have an impact on how fuel-efficient the vehicle truly is.

Four Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

1. Avoid Peak Travel Times

A steady rate of speed consumes less fuel per trip, so trying to get to a busy destination during peak traffic hours will consume extra gasoline. A driver heading to the shore during the summer should avoid Friday afternoon traffic; this will provide for more time driving at a consistent rate of speed and less time in gas eating stop and go traffic.

2. Maintain the Vehicle

Keeping the car well maintained also boosts fuel efficiency and following the Honda service schedule and performing all tasks on time will help you fuel economy. Cars that are well maintained naturally operate at peak efficiency and even the most fuel conscious model can benefit from regular tune-ups and scheduled maintenance.

3. Drop a Few Pounds

Eliminating unneeded baggage and items from the car reduces its overall weight and the amount of gasoline it takes to get from one point to another. Removing the snow shovel, salt, and other supplies in the summer can eliminate weight and clear up space. Simply cleaning out the trunk and cargo areas can help too; a car that is not laden with offseason equipment and supplies will run more efficiently. Removing any rooftop racks or storage bins when not in use will help cut a few pounds as well.

4. Consolidate Errands and Trips

Designing a schedule that will allow for multiple errands to be completed at the same time can drastically cut the number of times the vehicle is used during the week. By consolidating errands based on where they are geographically, rather than just doing them as they are needed, most drivers will see a natural reduction in fuel costs, simply because they are driving less.

The way a vehicle is used and how frequently it is driven play key roles in that car’s fuel economy; regular maintenance on the Honda service schedule and clever trip planning help as well. Planning a comprehensive approach to gas mileage will help cut fuel consumption for most drivers and vehicles.

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