Honda or Ford: How To Decide Which One’s For You

July 18th, 2015 by

2015 Honda PilotBuying a new vehicle is a significant purchase for most consumers. Weighing the pros and cons of different makes and models at car dealers can be challenging, but these comparisons help people make their final purchase decision to move forward with their automobile of choice. Exploring features of Honda and Ford will give key information about these different vehicles.

* Consumers consistently give the Civic high ratings for reliability, safety, roominess, and affordability. However, Ford is making consistent gains with the Focus.

* The Civic base price includes a wealth of standard features that are optional on other makes and models.

* The Fit offers attractive features such as touch-screen display for the audio system and over 52 cubic feet of cargo space.

* The CR-V is popular with consumers in the small SUV class. With over 104 cubic feet of passenger seating and over 37 cubic feet of cargo volume, the CR-V appeals to many drivers.

* Comparing the CR-V and the Ford Escape for features and performance results in a neck-and-neck race between the two different vehicles. Consumers are often equally happy with either choice. However, the Escape does have a few benefits to consider. The Escape’s sleekly contoured hatchback is an appealing future. In addition, the Escape’s fuel economy edges out the CR-V for highway mileage.

* Honda makes and models tend to perform more dependably for consumers with fewer trips to car dealers for repairs. This vehicle reports the least number of check-engine repairs.


Comparative shopping is prudent, especially for big-ticket items. When examining features of Honda and Ford, many consumers have an easy decision.

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