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Honda CRX Legacy lives on with “Original Fanboy” Video

July 18th, 2014 by

Honda CRX

Honda CRX Original Fanboy

Certain vehicles just stick with us, don’t they? They achieve some sort of social cachet or become a force in various forms of media, eventually making an impact that goes far beyond any initial projections and staying in the minds and hearts of generations of drivers. Just this sort of trend has swept up a number of Honda models, perhaps most notably with the Honda CRX, recently immortalized in the“Honda CRX Original Fanboy” video that has circulated online, documenting one man’s decades-long infatuation with his personal Honda CRX.

First appearing on the fansite Petrolicious, the video finds Christopher Hoffman gushing about his 1987 Honda CRX Si, describing the twenty-seven years (and only 106,000 original miles) that have passed since he first purchased his well-kept Honda hatchback. He describes in loving terms a hole in his exhaust that yields a guttural growl, recounts the still-grippy steering and handling and even retells how he started a CRX fanclub as a fourteen year-old driver. It all makes for some compelling viewing, because he certainly believes that his loyalty has been repaid by his CRX Si.

As anyone who remembers the mid-80s CRX can certain attest, Mr. Hoffman’s enduring affection for his vehicle isn’t misplaced. The CRX was among the first vehicles to make a genuine effort to combine top performance and fuel efficiency–the first CRX topped out at close to 50 highway mpg–and its dependability and ease in terms of repairs have made it a vehicle that still has its vocal supporters.

Many years later, the seeds planted by the Honda CRX can still be felt today, most obviously in the 2014 Honda CR-Z, which shares a compact two-seater cockpit and spry performance profile. The 2014 Honda CR-Z is now available at Honda of Toms River, located near the Atlantic Coast in central New Jersey. Visit our dealership today for further details!


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