How To Get the Best Value For Your Trade In

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Get Best Value for your Trade-In

Have you ever traded in a car? The only reason we’re asking is that, although most who are searching for a new car intend to trade in their existing vehicle, most people know surprisingly little about how to get the best value for their trade-in. So what are they missing? Luckily, we at Honda of Toms River have a few pointers, all in hopes that our New Jersey friends do their due diligence before they visit us with their trade-in.

1) Clean your Car (But Not Too Much). Okay, we’re starting with a wrinkle right off the bat. Putting a clean shine on your vehicle, and paying attention to the wheels and tires to make them look their best, will give your vehicle an added luster when we it’s appraised. But what’s that “Not too much” all about? Well, if you clean everything out of your vehicle, it becomes apparent that you’re planning to get rid of it immediately–and that an appraiser might offer you less as a byproduct. (Although we’d never do that, of course.)

2) Address a Few Small Service Issues. Performing a few small fixes for a small amount of money may suggest to an appraiser that your vehicle that has been well taken care of. Looking at your windshield wipers, potential window issues, and any loose ends in terms of detailing will pay off in your vehicle’s trade-in value. If you’re able to save time and money for those buying your vehicle, its value will increase.

3) Fix Small Dents. While some scratches and dents may be too large for you to repair yourself (or for a small fee, for that matter), little ones can often be done relatively easily. You can often find “Paintless Dent Repair” for under $100, and this will enhance the value of your vehicle greatly.

4) Look at your Wheels and Tires. Have you ever accidentally driven into a curb while parking? This will often produce “Curb Rash,” which dings your wheels, and may be worth replacing prior to trade-in appraisal. Additionally, and although tires don’t necessarily need to be replaced prior to taking your vehicle in for a trade, they should be if the tread is worn to the point where they will need immediate replacement anyway.

At Honda of Toms River, we do our best to offer the highest value possible for trade-ins. When you are looking to trade your vehicle in southern New Jersey, pay us a visit at Honda of Toms River!

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