Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Hybrid

July 18th, 2015 by

2015 Honda CR-ZWhen shoppers consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle, they will need enough research to understand fully what it takes to own an alternative-fuel vehicle. It is recommended that all car buyers review this guide for everything they need to know before purchasing a hybrid.

Drive in Style

While hybrids and electric cars are commonly seen as compact or midsize sedans, they are available at many car dealers in a variety of sizes and designs, from two-seaters to full-size SUVs. These vehicles are available as pure hybrids, “mild” hybrids, and all-electric models that are all powered in different degrees by a combination of gasoline and/or electricity.

Fully-Loaded Features

Most hybrids offer similar features to traditional cars. Newer models are typically climate controlled and often come with built-in navigation systems, iPod and Bluetooth capabilities, keyless start, and advanced fuel economy and power gauges. Some models lose trunk or cargo space due to the placement of the battery pack, which is something to consider for a driver who hauls a lot of cargo.

Safety is Priority

Critics have proposed safety concerns with hybrids, including electric shock in the event of an accident, but no such issues have been reported. At this time, hybrids are thought to be as safe as traditional cars, and manufacturers have educated emergency responders on special considerations for hybrid or electric cars.

Battery Costs

In the past, drivers were concerned about the cost of replacing the vehicle’s battery. This is no longer a point of concern for most drivers because most will never need to replace the battery. Most manufacturers offer longer coverage (up to eight years) on hybrid-specific components like batteries or electric motors, so replacing these parts are not as expensive as they were once thought to be.


Buyers can expect to spend $20,000 to $100,000 on a new hybrid. Some models are eligible for federal and state tax credits, which help make them more affordable. These automobiles typically cost more up-front than conventional models, but they save drivers money on fuel. Watch for specials at local car dealers for a better deal.

When drivers consider purchasing a hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle, they must conduct research to know what ownership of one entails. They should consider different makes and models, and shop around at several car dealers to get the best deal.

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