Detail Your Vehicle Like a Car Dealer

August 25th, 2015 by

2015 Hond HR-VGetting a truly professional look when detailing your car requires the right mix of product, hard work, and attention to… well, detail. Block out enough time, grab the right products, and be prepared to work over every inch of your vehicle for a “just came home from the car dealership” look.

Wash it Right

Hand wash your car for best results. You’ll be able to reach spots that a trip through even a good commercial car wash would miss, and you’ll also be able to notice imperfections to address later. Using a pair of buckets instead of one bucket is a must. One bucket is for clean, soapy suds, and the other is for rinsing. Rinse your sponge in clean water before putting it back into the suds. If you use just a single bucket, you may just add dirt and grime back onto your finish.

Use the Right Products

Products designed for actual cars are a must; household cleaners won’t work to truly detail your car like the pros at your local car dealers. You’ll need a good cleanser, a clay bar for imperfections, and a wax protectant for your paint. Your glass, chrome, and tires require separate products as well. Using the right products for the job will yield the best results, and the items you buy will last through several detailing sessions.

Clean, Improve, Protect

Start by getting the exterior truly clean, and then address any damage as needed. Protect your finish with a wax designed for cars. The time it takes to detail your exterior will depend on the condition, color, and age of your car.

Remove All Trash and Clutter

A cluttered floorboard looks messy and dirty. Remove all trash, coins, media, and other items for best results. Even an otherwise clean car looks messy with too many possessions strewn everywhere. Your clean car will look brand new, straight from the car dealer’s lot, once it’s clear of clutter and debris.

Compressed Air for Crevices and Crannies

An air compressor can get rid of dust and moisture that wiping just won’t pick up. Use a compressor to blast away the junk that settles into the crevices and seams of the car’s interior, and give the vents a blast too. You’ll eliminate dust buildup and help your air conditioner work more efficiently.

The little touches that car dealers add to make a car truly sparkle after detailing are worthwhile. Crack the windows a bit to get the top edges clean and streak-free, and go over the mats with a stiff bristle brush to loosen dirt before vacuuming. Taking the time to fully address every surface will result in a professional caliber detail job.

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