Civic or Fit: Picking the Best Honda Model for You

July 18th, 2015 by

2015 Honda FitWhen it’s time to buy a new car, consumers have plenty of options. Honda dealerships can be helpful in sorting through the choices to find the best model to fit a family’s needs. By exploring options carefully, drivers can make sure they leave the lot with the best car available for their personal preferences.

Research is Key

Before choosing the best model, consumers should take enough time to perform in-depth research to learn about every model available. By narrowing the choice to Honda, this simplifies the research significantly. Delve into key details of models such as the Civic, CR-V, Fit, Odyssey, and Accord. Each has specific features that will resonate with different drivers. For example, the Civic is known for its dependability and exemplary gas mileage. The Accord has a reputation for fuel economy, performance, and collision prevention features.

Read Reviews

Reviews are a key part of the research process. By exploring commentary provided by other Honda owners, consumers can learn valuable information that will help them make a purchase decision. Drivers should pay close attention to information about fuel economy, maintenance, defects, user-friendliness, and performance. Get insight from Honda dealerships for more information.

Narrow the Search

After exploring information and reading what other owners have to say, drivers may be ready to narrow their focus and begin shopping in earnest.

Family Car – Honda makes a number of cars that would be ideal for a busy family. The Accord is a bestselling model that offers sedan features with fast response and fuel economy. The CR-V is a mid-size SUV to meet the needs of most families. CR-V drivers get the best of both worlds— fuel efficiency with sporty handling. The Odyssey is a minivan that has won awards as the best minivan for families for several years.

The Single Life – For drivers who don’t need to worry about chauffeuring kids and their many accessories, Honda makes several models that would be ideal. The Civic has a firm reputation for stellar fuel economy. Although the Civic is a compact car, it has a surprising amount of room. The Fit has a sporty look and feel, top gas mileage, and major cargo versatility.

After exploring all options, head to various Honda dealerships to find the best deal on a new vehicle.

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