Build an Emergency Car Kit

August 12th, 2015 by

Medical assistance conceptAn emergency can occur at anytime, anywhere, and during any season. That’s why it’s a smart idea to have an emergency car kit prepared. Anyone unsure about assembling a kit of their own can contact their local Honda dealers for assistance.

Items to Include

An emergency kit should include items for all types of roadside emergencies, and for all weather conditions. A well-packed emergency kit could spare a driver from becoming stranded on a dangerous roadside for hours, and may even save their life. Here are a few items Honda dealers suggest should be included.

– Jumper cables

– Roadside flares

– Reflective warning triangles

– Spare fuses

– Extra motor oil

– Brake fluid

– Flashlight with batteries

– Gloves

– Rain and snow gear

– Snow shovel

– Ice scraper

– Tools

– Emergency tire inflation kit

– Tire gauge

– Towrope

– Duct tape

– Paper towels

– Cat litter or sand (for traction in ice)

– Blankets or sleeping bag

– Paper and pen

– Snacks

– Bottled water

– First aid kit

– Charged cell phone

– Fire extinguisher – rated for classes B and C

Assembling the Kit

After gathering the gear, it’s time to assemble it into a usable kit. While some people choose to pack everything into a box or bin to keep in the trunk, other drivers prefer to pack a large nylon bag. Packing a bag can be beneficial if it becomes necessary to leave the car and travel elsewhere. Some people may also choose to pack an empty nylon bag, should they need to fill it with essential items.

While everyone hopes to avoid an emergency on the road, planning for the worst can make it easier to navigate unpleasant circumstances. Honda dealers can help with emergency preparation and can ensure a vehicle is safe and roadworthy.

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