Behold…The Future! The Honda ASIMO Robot

July 18th, 2014 by

Honda ASIMO Robot

Honda ASIMO Robot

As a child of the ‘80s, there was probably nothing more fascinating than robots. Whether it was in movies such as *Batteries Not Includedor The Terminator, or even on oft-forgotten TV shows such as Small Wonder, robots were ubiquitous. In the ‘90s and beyond, however, the fascination seemed to wane, with more attention paid to computer and wireless innovation. However, Honda only gained a further attention to robotics, and has now rolled out the latest version of its Honda ASIMO robot, answering every question we ever had about how far robot technology could come.

Standing for “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility,” the ASIMO robot stands 4’3” tall and weight 110 lbs, but those childlike dimensions are where the shared similarity with robots of old end. It can perform a number of incredible acts such as recognizing faces, areas and obstacles, as well as mobile tasks such as jumping on one foot, climbing stairs and even kicking a soccer ball. In fact, in one recent visit between Honda and President Obama, ASIMO even got to play soccer with the leader of the free world.

The mission for ASIMO was similar to those represented in the classic ‘80s films: to provide help to humans in any way possible. Its for this reason that some of its capabilities, such as recognizing faces and avoiding obstacles, are all the more incredible. It’s estimated that ASIMO will eventually be able to perform and understand sign language, and will be able to provide services to humans that they are unable to perform themselves.

Since its big reveal on an April 15th episode of LIVE! With Kelly and Michael, ASIMO has become a cultural force all unto itself. It has acted as a conductor with the Detroit Symphony and rung the opening bell for the New York Stock Exchange, in addition to its soccer session with the President. And, if its astounding reception is any indicator, we can expect to see much more from ASIMO in the coming months.

This is all in keeping with Honda’s penchant for forward thinking, a tradition we at Honda of Toms River are proud of which to be a part. To learn more about this amazing creation or about any of our wonderful vehicles, visit Honda of Toms River today!

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